The MobiPromo Private Label solution has an integrated affiliate marketing system that offers marketers a revolutionary 100% affiliate fraud & parasite free results.

Run performance based advertising campaigns over WiFi.   Tracks campaigns by PPV, CPM, CPC, CPA, and Cost Per Sale.  Produce results without spending a dime on Internet advertising!

The New Affiliate Partner

We have revolutionized the Affiliate marketing business model that puts an end to spending a fortune driving traffic to promote websites.

The MobiPromo WiFi Marketing system is a new patent pending technology which connects advertisers and consumers through a free WiFi service.  The MobiPromo WiFi Marketing system provides marketers and affiliate networks the ability to generate and track, direct-response sales leads, product and service sales incorporating e/m-commerce, and run campaigns on CPM, CPC, CPA basis. Advertisements can be targeted geographically, behaviourally, by competitor, consumer device manufacturer, OS, and browser type.  – Read more about targeting

The MobiPromo WiFi Affiliate Marketing System – is 100% device independent and does not require an App or any download to the consumers wireless device.  Consumers are automatically connected at every location in your Network. 

The connection process is very simple and one that consumers understand and like.  When the consumer enters a network location their phone will inform them a free WiFi service is available. When they connect, a one-time, one field registration to obtain a free access token is displayed.  A random 4 digit access token is delivered via text message and entered, the consumer is now connected.  From this point forward the consumer never again has to re-register, regardless of where the consumer connects within your Network – locally, nationwide, or even internationally.  Within the system Admin and together with many other key performance indicator reports, a downloadable Consumer connection report is available which includes all opt-in consumer data.

Our Affiliate proximity marketing hardware Device includes advanced technology layers that give it the ability to display advertisements, track, record, and assign commissions for any Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Sale (CPS) e/m-commerce campaign. The tracking technology is compatible with 99% of all shopping carts.  Driving mobile Users directly to an advertiser’s portal while tracking and recording which advertising has been served, campaign, affiliate, location, and which WiFi device produced the results, and then assigning either fixed or percentage based commissions, on a device by device, and location by location performance basis. Devices are designed with connection speed and bandwidth shaping abilities, all configurable within the system Admin.

MobiPromo WiFi Affiliate Marketing Benefits for Networks

  • High quality results originating from consumers with validated opt-in phone numbers.
  • Highly targeted geographic locations, combined with behaviourally targeted delivery.
  • Target advertisements by Advertisers top competitors.
  • Intercept consumer showcasing and online purchases and provide your customer with opportunity.
  • Target by consumer device manufacturer, Operating system, and browser type.
  • Automatic deployment of campaigns to select locations or Run-of-Network.
  • Change campaigns on-the-fly 24/7 without any individual device management requirements.
  • No coaxing and waiting for affiliates to pick up new campaigns and to deploy code.
  • 100% Affiliate loyalty – devices produce results for your network only.
  • Using Affiliates is optional. Build a network infrastructure yourself and keep 100% of the revenue, or use affiliates to build it.
  • Affiliate and Admin device purchase shopping cart with brandable invoice system. Purchase status and history.
  • Intensive analytics showing every interaction, key performance indicator and predictive analysis.
  • 100% Affiliate fraud free.
  • Multiple layer device, network and data security.

Our affiliate marketing technology replaces the traditional Affiliate with a Smartbox that you install in high footfall locations. Consumer traffic comes to you inherently with the location.  Whether you develop your Network with or without affiliates is your choice. 

The WiFi Affiliate Marketing system devices, results, advertising campaign configurations, and affiliate tracking information are 100% tamper proof.  Empowering every device owner with the potential to become a Super Affiliate without spending a dime promoting a website.

Should you decide to offer the opportunity to affiliates to build their own networks, within your network, the WiFi Affiliate Marketing system also includes an Affiliate User interface that provides complete and detailed campaign, device, location, performance, commission, and payment statistics and reporting.  WiFi Affiliate Marketing platform includes an Affiliate payment processing system, with payment methods PayPal, Check, and by Wire Transfer, plus much more.

MobiPromo WiFi Affiliate Marketing Benefits for Affiliates

  • Eliminates webserver hardware, hosting and marketing costs.
  • Make higher returns from guaranteed quality traffic and results.
  • Higher profit margin allows publishers to grow their network and produce more income instead of buying advertising for their website traffic.
  • No website management costs – devices are managed by the Network Admin
  • No websites upgrades or development costs to remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace.
  • Comprehensive analytics showing device and location performance, and all results in detail.
  • Multiple payment options, payment history and reports.
  • Purchase additional devices to expand their network directly from within the Affiliate Interface
  • Device purchase history and Tax invoices automatically produced.

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Affiliate System Setup

We have kept the Affiliate system configuration simple with each element Tab based.

Affiliate Setup

Affiliate Interface

A comprehensive Affiliate Interface is provided including signup page and signup page code for direct integration into your website.
Logo, Title, Header, etc. are all customizable. Uses your domain name and branding.

Affiliate Interface

Selected screenshots from the Affiliate Administration setup interface.

Selected screenshots from the Affiliate User Interface

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