November 6, 2015

MobiPromo Team Scores Huge Success At ALSMA Conference, Kuala Lumpur 

Presented by Johannes Lind & Jason WU from MobiPromo Beijing, China office.


October 1, 2015

MobiPromo Releases First WiFi Ad Intelligence System

The Ad Intelligence system compiles a huge amount of data regarding where, when, and why advertisements are displayed or not displayed. Assisting marketers to accurately fine tune their campaign delivery and to tune the included behavioural engine. All data including consumer’s name, location, and phone number are available to the marketer.

January 15, 2015

MobiPromo Releases New Administrator Interface

The new Administrator User Interface includes a range of new features designed for ease of use and at the same time offering unprecedented capabilities WiFi marketing and monetization capabilities.

April 20, 2014

MobiPromo Releases WiFi Pay Per Performance Advertising & Monetization

Administrators can run performance based campaigns on a CPM, PPV, CPA, and CPS basis. All models are tracked to a campaign, specific location, User and telephone number, opt-in status, TCPA compliancy.  MobiPromo results are typically all pre-verified with Users optin telephone number providing uncompromising lead quality.


February 17, 2014

MobiPromo Releases Email & Text Marketing Integration with WiFi Marketing System

MobiPromo now includes the ability for marketers to engage registered consumers through email and text messaging while they are connected to WiFi and outside of the WiFi marketing area.  Additionally, merchants can engage shoppers within their general area with text messages and email.  Our systems are primarily designed to bring shoppers into a store with engaging advertisements that merchants have the ability to self-manage.

December 8, 2013

The MobiPromo WiFi Affiliate Marketing System Revolutionizes the Way Affiliate Marketing is Done Globally


Summary: MobiPromo turns affiliate marketing on its head with their new, path-breaking Affiliate Network System. MobiPromo WiFi affiliate marketing system transforms the traditional affiliate marketing publisher into a Box!


Press Release: MobiPromo, the proprietary, direct response, location-based marketing system has revolutionized the affiliate marketing business model with their innovative MobiPromo Wi-Fi Marketing system. The new system which promises to be 100% fraud-free and parasite-free is being looked at by industry experts as a great game-changer in affiliate marketing.


In a WiFi marketing technological breakthrough Mobile Network Marketing Corporation has successfully added new layers to their wireless proximity marketing device technology that allows affiliate, campaign offer, and consumer location details to be tracked on a device by device basis.


“We have revolutionized the Affiliate Marketing Business Model that puts an end to spending money to drive traffic to promote websites,” says William Tait, the key person behind the whole concept. “Our MobiPromo Wi-Fi Marketing system is a new patent pending technology which connects advertisers and consumers through a Wi-Fi service that’s free. The MobiPromo system is designed for progressive marketers and entrepreneurs who desire to create a self branded or sponsored Wi-Fi Marketing Network, and sell advertising services to local, regional, and national merchants.”

Affiliate marketers can now grow their networks unrestricted and with complete control. Eliminating the need to continuously seek out and vet new affiliates instead just deploy more devices in their marketplace.


The MobiPromo Wi-Fi marketing system brings together consumers and advertisers through a free Wi-Fi service. It is designed to give affiliate networks and marketers the resources to generate and track various factors associated with effective affiliate marketing. For instance, they can generate and track direct-response sales leads, sales of products and services, add e/m-commerce and run campaigns on Cost per Click, Cost per Thousand, and Cost per Action.


The patent-pending technology also provides marketing professionals the tools to target advertisements location-wise, behaviorally, by advertiser’s competitors, on basis of consumer device manufacturers, OS and even browser types. Unlike all other run-of-the-mill mobile marketing or direct response marketing system, MobiPromo is adept at taking care of the multiple issues associated with affiliate marketing.


According to the promoters, it is designed to work with all types of wireless device and is not controlled by content type or interactivity abilities. It encourages consumers to use the system repeatedly. The state-of-the-art White Label mobile network marketing system is a ground-breaking concept that delivers advertisements from local, regional, and national brand advertisers.


MobiPromo offers consumers a very simple, hassle-free and user-friendly connection method. A one-time, one-field registration process is all the consumers have to undergo to use the service, regardless of their geographical location, locally, nation-wide or even internationally. The system offers a downloadable consumer connection reports which includes exhaustive consumer data, including opt-in and verified phones numbers.


The tracking technology is compatible with almost every type of shopping cart.  It helps direct mobile users seamlessly to an advertiser’s portal while simultaneously tracking and recording the results of the campaign; saving marketers tons of time and effort and making data collection a smooth and effortless process.


The MobiPromo system can even assign commissions based on fixed or commission based models, on a device by device, and location by location performance basis. The devices come with connection speed and bandwidth shaping abilities which are all configurable within the system admin.


MobiPromo is poised to change the way retail advertisers communicate with consumers. Clearly, MobiPromo is set to completely revolutionize mobile marketing globally.


About MobiPromo Wi-Fi Affiliate Marketing System:


MobiPromo Wi-Fi Affiliate Marketing System is a ground-breaking idea that’s set to revolutionize the affiliate marketing system in a big way. It offers marketers a truly fraud-free and parasite-free affiliate network system where the affiliates are an option.


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Contact Details:


Name: William Tait | CEO

Phone: 845-684-4371


Company: Mobile Network Marketing Corporation



October 1, 2013


Mobile Network Marketing Corporation Releases MobiPromo V.4.1, the Innovative WiFi Marketing System


Summary: Mobile Network Marketing Corporation shakes up the location-based marketing field with their path-breaking Wi-Fi marketing powerhouse system.


Press Release: Mobile Network Marketing Corporation has released an industry first, stunning state-of-the-art Wi-Fi marketing powerhouse system that promises to turn the conventional marketing concepts on its head. The MobiPromo System makes proximity marketing processes more effective and significantly more convenient.


“The new MobiPromo Wi-Fi marketing system V 4.1 adds a complete new dimension to location-based marketing and creates a dual interaction between merchants and consumers and vice-versa,” says the spokesperson for the company while explaining the multiple advantages of using the system, especially for merchants. “The technology helps create a level playing field for traditional and online merchants without inflating overheads.”


Unlike mobile marketing or direct response marketing systems, MobiPromo offers definite and clear-cut resolution to all marketing issues. It is also designed to work with almost all wireless devices, regardless of content type or interactive abilities. The amazing abilities and features of MobiPromo act as attractive incentives for consumers to use the system repeatedly.


MobiPromo offers consumers a free Wi-Fi service along with several other incentives. They can receive advertisements from local, regional, and national brand advertisers. The powerful and innovative White Label mobile network marketing system can also deliver offers, deals, and discounts outside of the location-based marketing arena of consumers by including mobile as well as web portals, which can be accessed from any location by consumers. They can shop at home, add selected discounted offers of their liking to a built-in mobile-wallet, and use their mobile phone to redeem offers in-store at their convenience.


The MobiPromo system works to the advantage of merchants as well. It is designed for marketers who don’t shy away from using innovative and newer path-breaking techniques in marketing their products and services.


MobiPromo is a 100 percent Cloud based platform that includes proximity marketing hardware devices that do not require any configuration or maintenance. It is a comprehensive Plug and Play system, which can automatically update with the advanced Set and Forget technology, once it is deployed. Merchants keep 100% of the collected sale price.


Many online marketing experts believe that MobiPromo is the future of advertising, due to its unique ability to deliver targeted advertisements geographically, contextually, by device type, and by the advertiser’s direct competitors, intercepting consumers who showcase products in-store with online vendors attempting to find a better price. It has the ability to deliver advertisements around the clock at one price, and offers a platform that can be managed exclusively by the advertiser. The system contains real-time tracking metrics and delivery of any type of content, such as coupons, images, redemption codes, app dissemination, and even video infomercials.


Merchants are able to sign up and manage their advertisement accounts using MobiPromo platform and can access analytics of their entire ad campaign effortlessly and in an easy-to-understand format. MobiPromo is not only for the big players in the marketing industry looking for a way to target Mobile, but it works as effectively for small and medium enterprises as well.



About MobiPromo:


MobiPromo is a White Label, direct and hassle-free marketing technology that works using proprietary Hardware devices and Cloud-based technology. The system is beneficial to merchants and consumers in multiple ways. It offers a free Wi-Fi service and delivers advertisements from local, regional, and national brands advertisers, with a unique range of targeting and delivery options never seen before in the Mobile sector.


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Contact Details:


Name: William Tait | CEO

Phone: 845-684-4371


Company: Mobile Network Marketing Corporation