MobiPromo is an advanced coupon-based WiFi marketing & monetization system

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MobiPromo is a white-label, direct-response, wireless, proximity marketing technology

Designed to engage consumers with highly targeted and relevant advertising from local, regional, and national brands. MobiPromo incentivizes consumers to use the system by providing free Wi-Fi Internet access.  MobiPromo has the ability to push geographically, behaviourally, device specific  and  competitor targeted, merchant created and managed advertisements, coupons, discount offers, banners, and video infomercials to consumers.

MobiPromo is White-Label hardware and cloud based technologies.  Providing marketers a means to build their own brand rather than someone elses. Using your logo, branding, domain, advertiser rates, terms and conditions, and much more.  From both a consumer and merchant’s perspective, the system looks and operates seamlessly as your own system.


Acquire Legally Compliant Validated Consumer Data Automatically.

The MobiPromo opt in process is fully compliant with the latest U.S. Federal Trade Commission laws introduced in October 2014.  Every opt-in process is 100% compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act , Telemarketing Sales Rule, and CAN-SPAM Act.  MobiPromo includes Email marketing and Text marketing systems that allows Network operators to take full advantage of compiled data.


Merchants Signup, Pay, and Manage Their Own Advertisements in 3 Easy Steps

A self-serve Merchant system is designed to bring new merchants on-board automatically. Allowing merchants to review the benefits, select an advertising package that matches their needs and geography, subscribe to it and pay online, and start advertising within minutes.

MobiPromo includes template-based tools for merchants to create well-presented business listings and appealing advertisements in a very simple 1-2-3 step process.  Merchants’ select and purchase Admin created advertising packages relevant to their marketing needs, location, and budgets.  Merchants keep 100% of the sale price.

The Merchant interface includes tools to track and monitor campaign performances, predictive analysis reporting that forecasts redemptions, service and stock requirements for up to three months in advance, based on current monthly trends: Additional tools to manage consumer reviews and email subscriptions: Newsletter feature provides a means to create and disseminate periodic newsletter to subscribers: Barcode generator: Coupon embedding code generator enabling a merchant to integrate their coupons into their website to extend campaign reach to existing customers: Email subscription code generator for integrating into websites, newsletters, and other promotional media: Direct link codes for both Mobile & Web coupons and offers that can be used for any promotions including QR Code production.


Consumer Behavioural Targeting

Consumer behaviour targeting presents a tremendous opportunity to engage consumers at a time, place, and with their interest focused. Returning the most responsive results ever.  Our systems monitor consumer behaviour and interests while they shop and research. Then at the most opportune time we deliver a matching merchant advertisement directly to the relevant content the consumer is viewing. Our behavioural engine is 100% tuneable and trainable from within the Administration management interface.


Wireless Device Targeting

Target consumer devices by Device Brand, Device Operating System, and Device Browser Type.  Useful for App dissemination, Carrier Network, and other specific campaign styles.  The device specific targeting module is updated weekly to ensure the latest device information is always available.


Competitor Targeting System – Stop Losing Sales To Online Vendors

The competitor targeting system is designed for retail merchants to combat consumer showcasing.  You specify who your competitors are and we provide you the opportunity to reach your potential customer with a matching or better offer before they purchase online.

Automatically Manage in-Store Consumer Showcasing in Real-Time. Take advantage of the opportunity. Present a relevant counter offer before it’s too late. Know how many customers are showcasing your products and with which competitor. Know what products are being showcased and the frequency. Know which customers have showcased in-store and their contact information.


MobiPromo Brandable Hotspots

MobiPromo now features individual brandable hotspot locations.  Every Hotspot location can be branded with a host merchants logo or a even a sponsored advertiser, as an upsell for every location in your Network.


MobiPromo  Analytics

MobiPromo provides extensive real-time reporting and analytics that enable merchants and administrators to instantly evaluate and compare a campaign’s performance and ROI.

From a command position, administrators can review a network performance overview, run predictive analysis forecasts, or scrutinize every keyword found on content viewed by system Users, and view consumer sessions by location/device.  We provide administrators an unsurpassed array of reports and tools to ensure you are in control.


Proximity Marketing WiFi Hardware Devices

Available in highly optimized indoor and outdoor models. Devices are 100% Plug & Play – Set and Forget.  There is absolutely no device level management required. Simply place & connect our Wi-Fi marketing hardware devices.  Devices automatically self-configure to a location, geo-fencing consumers, displaying relevant advertisements based upon location, and consumer interests, while providing free Internet access.

MobiPromo includes marketing tools and ad delivery mediums to satisfy even the most aggressive location based marketer’s endeavours.


WiFi Affiliate Marketing System offers Marketers a revolutionary 100% affiliate fraud & parasite free network

MobiPromo includes a proprietary WiFi Affiliate Marketing System that replaces the traditional affiliate website with a WiFi marketing device.  Devices are typically deployed in high-footfall areas and the consumers come to you instead of paying to drive traffic to a website.  Systems operate 24/7, 365 days a year.  You control your campaigns, advertisements, marketing locations, devices – with or without affiliates.

The WiFi Affiliate Marketing System gives mobile marketers the ability to offer clients direct-response sales leads produced from lead forms, make product and service sales incorporating e/m-commerce, and CPM, CPC, CPA campaigns.

The MobiPromo WiFi Affiliate Marketing System has ability to display, track, record, and assign commissions for any Cost per Thousand (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Action (CPA), Cost per Sale (CPS) e/m-Commerce campaign, and is compatible with 99% of all shopping carts.  Driving results directly to an advertiser’s portal while tracking and recording which advertising, campaign, revenue partner, affiliate, location, and device produced the results, and then assigning either fixed or percentage commissions, on a device by device, location by location performance basis.

Devices, results, advertising campaign configurations, and affiliate tracking information is completely tamper proof. Empowering every revenue partner/affiliate with the potential to become a Super Affiliate without wasting a dime promoting their website.

The WiFi Affiliate Marketing System also includes a Affiliate User interface should you decide to power up your existing affiliates with the latest technology.  The Affiliate Interface provides complete and detailed campaign, device, location, performance, commission, and payment reporting.  The WiFi Affiliate Marketing System payment processing system includes affiliate payment methods by PayPal, Check, and by Wire Transfer.


Video Infomercials

Take your clients television commercial and display it to mobile with 100% attentive audiences.  Provides the ability to display advertising video infomercials at configurable, strategic intervals during the consumer’s free Wi-Fi session.  Included  Title and linked Call-To-Action areas allow immediate consumer direct-response and interactivity.

Target audiences geographically, behaviourally, competitor, User device manufacturer, device operating system, device browser type, day of week, time of day, set start and end times, and duration. Frequency cap by session, number of views, and advertisement priority.


Consumers register once and automatically connect to every location in your network

Once a consumer registers by obtaining a free access token, they can automatically access free wireless Internet from anywhere within your network regardless of the number of locations your have or where they are located, locally, on the other side of the country or even Internationally.  Register once – connect anywhere!


MobiPromo Extends The Marketing Area To The Consumers Home And Office

MobiPromo has the ability to extend the proximity marketing area reach far beyond the original location and to the consumers home and office.  Consumers can take advantage of all of the offers they found from the convenience of their home and office. MobiPromo includes a Web Interface that allows consumers to shop from home or office, select offers of interest, add them to the inbuilt Mobi-Wallet account interface and use their mobile phone to redeem the offers the next time they are out shopping.  All communication emails and text messages to consumers are 100% configurable.  Consumers also have the convenience of adding an RSS feed from your MobiPromo Network to their browser.  Every time a new deal comes onto the system their browser will alert them. Keeping merchant offers in focus.

MobiPromo proximity marketing systems extend and yet simplify mobile marketing to an entirely new level.

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Watch the MobiPromo Overview Video

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Consumer Targeting

MobiProme delivers 90% of the proven shopping triggers!

Behavioural Targeting

  • Target by Geographic Location, Consumer Behaviour, Category, Consumer Device Type, Browser Type, and Operating System

  • Manage Campaign Frequency Capping, Start and End Times, Target by Time of Day, Day of Week, and More

  • Deliver Coupons, Offers and Deals, Banners, and Video Infomercials

  • Instant Track, Measure, Data Aggregation, and Test

Unlike traditional retail advertising channels, MobiPromo Wi-Fi Direct Response Marketing creates a new way for retail advertisers to deliver and engage consumers in live responsive “real time” advertising.

What’s the value of “real time” advertising?

Standard ad production for print or TV takes at best days for development, often weeks, and even months before distribution is available, with MobiPromo Proximity Marketing advertisers create an ad anytime, set it live immediately, target response, test call to action, identify consumer response, and evaluate sales response metrics in real time!

With MobiPromo immediate ad content delivery is what our platform delivers and response tracking metrics in real time is just the beginning of the power MobiPromo consumer engagement.

MobiPromo is the new standard in retail marketing & advertising but there’s more!

Geo-Contextual Push Targeting Technology

MobiPromo takes Mobile Ad delivery to an entirely new level. With the ability to Geo-target by Network Latitude and Longitude location, Device Latitude and Longitude location, advertising Category, Consumer Device Type, Browser Type, and Device Operating System and by contextually matching consumer behavior within specific location coordinates. Thereby providing Mobile targeting capabilities previously unheard of, and without the need for the consumer to download or install anything.    

Advertisements are Geo-targeted to the specific locations you select, and then Pushed to the Consumer through our proprietary contextual engine that matches consumer behavior within a particular merchants location with their advertisements.

Geo-Contextual Targeting

The MobiPromo contextual technology refines and targets advertisement delivery specifically to consumer interests. Because our technology is 100% Cloud based, calculations and delivery assessments are completed in milliseconds and is indiscernible by the consumer.  The benefit to the consumer is highly targeted, relevant and time sensitive engagement, providing access to specials, discounts and offers from merchants with their immediate local area.


Geographic targeting is a simple matter of selecting the areas where you want advertising displayed
or select Run-of-Network for total coverage. The example below shows 3 locations.

Geotarget Selection


Deep targeting is achieved by selecting specific consumer device types, Browser, and Device OS.

Device Targeting

Competitor Targeting System – Stop Losing Sales To Online Vendors

The competitor targeting system is designed for retail merchants to combat consumer showcasing.  You specify who your competitors are and we provide you the opportunity to reach your potential customer with a matching or better offer before they purchase online.

Automatically Manage in-Store Consumer Showcasing in Real-Time. Take advantage of the opportunity. Present a relevant counter offer before it’s too late. Know how many customers are showcasing your products and with which competitor. Know what products are being showcased and the frequency. Know which customers have showcased in-store and their contact information.

Competitor Targeting

Merchant Features

Merchants create and manage their own accounts and advertising

Merchants have the ability to subscribe to pricing packages that you create, pay online to your account, then create and manage their own advertising 24/7  using a simple and fast 100% templated system.  Advertisements can be managed, edited, or recreated as often as they choose.  Merchants have their own performance and predictive analysis reports to maximize their opportunities.  MobiPromo also includes many tools & widgets to assist merchants.

MobiPromo Merchant Interface

Merchants Features & Benefits

MobiPromo merchant interaction

MobiPromo Proximity Marketing For Merchants

Dear Mr. Merchant, what if we could show you an innovative, yet proven way for you to get more customers by capitalizing on the foot traffic of the major retailers, department stores and restaurants in your area 24/7/365 that is so effective you’ll rarely have a slow day ever again?

You’ll connect with potential customers through the Wi-Fi functions of their mobile phones and wireless devices.  With over 5.5 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, it’s one of the simplest, most inexpensive and cost effective forms of advertising that allows you to benefit from the foot traffic of major merchants in your area.

MobiPromo and Network partners have installed special Wi-Fi proximity marketing devices that provide consumers in your area with Free Wi-Fi Internet access that come within range of our Proximity Marketing network.  The consumer will receive an alert on their mobile phone letting them know that free Wi-Fi access is available. They access free Wi-Fi connecting to the MobiPromo network, then entering their phone number and giving their consent to receive discounts and special offers from merchants in their local area. After they enter their phone number we send them a Text message with a unique access code which they are required to enter.  After they “opt-in” they are shown your discounts, coupons, offers and incentives.

While consumers enjoy free Internet access, MobiPromo monitors their behaviour and looks for opportunities to present your advertisements at the ideal moment when the consumer is viewing a similar product or service to yours, providing you with an unparalleled touchpoint opportunity, unavailable through any other type of media.

You’ll be taking advantage of more foot traffic and potential customers then you could ever attract with your own marketing.  And since these consumers have “opted-in”, they’re 100% proven to be open to receiving your promotions.  You’ll drive massive revenue to your bottom line by delivering strategically timed offers effectively right into your customer’s pocket.

So how does it work? Once you sign up, you’ll be able to view advertising plans and choose the plans and locations that fit your specific needs and budget.  Then you’ll create your own full-size advertisements utilizing pre-formatted fields, fill-in-the-blank coupon templates and an auto-formatting image uploader.

The result is a carefully crafted, professional looking advertisement complete with your logo, address, tap-to-call phone number, tap-to-view location map, tap-to-share with numerous social Medias, tap-to-view your website and promotional video, followed by your list of coupons or promotions which can be created with a simple click of a button as new coupons are generated automatically.

Once a consumer is enticed by your coupon and opens up the promotional details, they can redeem your offers by adding it to a special area within their account we named Mobi-Wallet. Mobi-Wallet stores the offers they choose and can be used to display an offer in-store to redeem same.

Every person walking within range of a MobiPromo Proximity Marketing network that has a mobile wireless device will receive the opportunity to have immediate access to your coupons and promotions 24/7/365. You’ll attract more customers and increase your bottom line with this highly effective, yet affordable marketing strategy.

And we’ll prove it. You’ll have access to a full merchant advertiser dashboard to view your statistics and print reports.  You’ll be able to see a multitude of different statistics including coupon redemption rates that will allow you to quickly spot your top performing promotions, predictive analysis that will forecast stock and service requirements, interact with consumer reviews and email newsletters and much more.

This entire MobiPromo system is meant to be simple, highly deliverable, efficient, with quick results guaranteed. The concept is simple; you’re ads will be seen by more people who want to receive your promotions so you’ll get more customers who return more often when you offer them strategic coupons and discounts. It’s just common sense. Then, they’ll also share those offers with friends and neighbors expanding your customer base.

Just think about it, if you could have access to major merchant’s foot traffic, have the ability to create special events, coupons and offers that will have customers flocking to your store, have them coming back more often, referring their friends and neighbours and keep them looking for your updated offers regularly, how do you think that would affect your bottom line?

Contact MobiPromo to find out more about your local proximity marketing network.

Consumer Features

MobiPromo Consumer Features

MobiPromo Consumer Engagement


MobiPromo Wi-Fi Proximity Location based advertising creates a seamless environment that facilitates communication between…..

  • Advertisers with Consumers

  • Consumers with Advertisers

     in a one-to-one communication platform.

Push coupons and discount offers directly to consumers while they use free WiFi. 

Direct communication between retail advertisers and consumers is far more cost effective than any previous advertising medium; search engine optimization, social media campaigns, e-mail marketing, text blasts, print, TV, radio or any other spam type advertising medium.

MobiPromo is different because Wi-Fi advertising is opt-in and because it is, its free of federal regulation for spam compliance because opt-in is a choice.  The facts are MobiPromo Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing engages consumers with advertisers in an interactive mobile friendly environment that creates, facilitates, promotes and encourages consumer engagement…….

Consumer engagement and response with targeted ad delivery improves profits and increase ROI like no other medium ever has. Wi-Fi Location Advertising is going to changing retail……

MobiPromo proactively engages consumers in real time.

With over 295 million mobile phone users in the U.S. alone and more than 2.7 billion text messages being sent every day, it’s plain to see that the mobile is NOW! Those that can make their mobile experience interactive and build long-term relationships with their customers will have a strong competitive advantage.

This makes the mobile phone a powerful and reliable mechanism for targeting your customers. It’s personal, accessible and always-on; and nothing has the ability to reach more mobile devices than MobiPromo® proximity marketing.

That’s why we developed MobiPromo®, a new state-of-the-art technology to reach your customers to deliver your advertisements to their mobile device, and extend the proximity marketing area to the consumers home and office. Using our one-of-a-kind technology, MobiPromo® provides a total solution for anyone who wants to create public awareness or promote their brand, members, locations, messages, services or products.

MobiPromo® combines cutting-edge mobile web design, text messaging, mobile coupon and voucher distribution, data aggregation and lead generation, CRM management, promotional campaign management, integrated analytics, and real-time metrics. And since it 100% device independent, it allowing you to communicate with your customers by all mobile phones, iPads, tablets, PDAs, Laptops and PCs, it’s a total Mobi Monopoly.

Affiliate Platform

MobiPromo Revenue Sharing Partner System

An Optional Add-On that facilitates commission tracking on a device by device, partner by partner basis.

MobiPromo Revenue Partners

In another technology first – MobiPromo® also features an optional Add-On – Partner revenue sharing marketing module, enabling marketers to produce an additional revenue stream by promoting traditional affiliate offers using proximity marketing. If you’ve been looking for a Mobile marketing Affiliate or Revenue Partner platform, that eliminates the potential for affiliate fraud and delivers high quality results from a geographically and contextually targeted audience – Add the optional MobiPromo Revenue Partner System to your order.

This is the first of its type partner program that features a dedicated hardware device and software that incorporates automatic advertisement display, partner, hardware, and geographic location tracking, and incentivised with free consumer wireless access. Creating a unique parasite free network platform. The MobiPromo Partner Platform provides a way for any business,  home-based operator, or anyone seeking an additional income to partner and promote a broad spectrum of popular high-performance offers automatically, by giving away free Internet access to consumers.

They can do this without requiring any marketing experience, placing code and creatives on webpages, and eliminating the need to spend time and money with promotions in the hope a consumer will uptake the offer.  The Partner System – puts income on autopilot. The MobiPromo Partner System creates a real bricks & mortar business for any business or person looking to increase their income.

Revshare partners purchase devices from our White Label marketers and deploy them in their local area, in high-traffic locations.  Revshare partners receive payments on a performance basis for the results their devices produce promoting affiliated offers.

Turn waiting rooms, hairdressing salons, restaurants, clubs, pubs, food courts , hotels, motels, golf and sports clubs, and 1000’s more into marketing cash machines. 

Revenue Partner Device Locations

The Partner System is a complete Network-in-a-Box ® solution for all marketers, entrepreneurs, businesses, associations, agencies, organizations and foundations that need a reliable and  effective way to generate sales leads, retail sales, or build a location-based Mobile Marketing Network to promote:













Goods & Services Members Tenants Locations
Franchisees Exhibits Businesses Events
Attractions Vendors Candidates Points Of Interest
Inventory Exhibitors Advertisers Partnerships

Partner System campaigns can be served and tracked on a Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA), and Cost Per Sale (CPS) basis. Included is a tracking system and tracking validity testing systems. We include campaign frequency capping by number of Impressions, number of Clicks, number of Actions, number of Sales, and campaign time duration.

 MobiPromo Revenue Partner System

MobiPromo Partner Interface Features

  • Customizable Signup Page.
  • Your Terms & Conditions.
  • Member Payment Options: PayPal, Check, and Wire Transfer.
  • Commission options include: Pay fixed commission. Pay by percentage of sale.
  • Commissions status management: Pending. Approved. Declined.
  • Member management: Active. Inactive.
  • Campaign management.
  • Campaign Types:
    • Cost Per Impression (CPM)
    • Cost Per Click (CPC)
    • Cost Per Action (CPA)
    • Cost Per Sale (CPS)
  • Frequency Capping:
    • Number of Impressions
    • Number of Clicks
    • Number of Actions/Sales
    • Campaign duration Start/Finish Date
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Device management & assignment

Partner Account Management Interface

Partner Portal

Indoor/Outdoor Proximity Marketing Devices

Using our Zero® Indoor/Outdoor hardware devices Revshare Partner information is automatically created and encoded on-the-fly by the device and tracked to every designated partner offer. Ensuring campaign performance and commissions are accurately tracked by each consumer interaction with a proximity marketing device, by Partner ID, Device, Location, Campaign/Offer, and Time & Date.  At the same time providing a controlled and shaped consumer session.

Zero indoor-outdoor devices


MobiPromo® Location Aware Hardware Devices

Hardware devices form the conduit between consumers and merchants. Devices communicate consumer behaviors to the system core and merchant advertisement information on-the-fly. Merchants can edit advertisements and changes are available in real time.

We took the pain out of WiFi proximity marketing device management by removing it completely. All devices now configure themselves automagically. Device are 100% Plug & Play – Set & Forget! MobiPromo allows marketers to concentrate on doing what they do best bringing new merchants onboard and not waste time updating device after device in their Network.

Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Device Hardware

The MobiPromo system is comprised of both a software system (the MobiPromo Platform) and hardware devices. One will not function without the other.

The device, Data, and Network security are very important to us. Download our Network Security brochure to view our security features.

* Device distance ranges are subject to actual deployment conditions, location interferences, adequate power supply, and the same conditions applying to the consumer’s phone/wireless device.

MobiPromo proximity marketing hardware devices have been created for fast and simple installation, and plug and play operation.

Administration Dashboard


White Label Administration Dashboard

The Admin area provides an enormous array of features and tools to enable you to set up and manage your white label network.

Contact us for a guided backend tour and allow us the time to introduce you to the best WiFi marketing & monetization system in the world today.