MobiPromo is the most advanced WiFi marketing and monetization system available. MobiPromo is 100% legally compliant. MobiPromo is the premier Wi-Fi proximity marketing technology. Geographic, behavioural, device specific, and competitor targeted mobile advertising.

What is MobiPromo WiFi?

MobiPromo® is a proprietary, direct-response WiFi Marketing system, that incentivizes Users to engage by providing no-cost Wi-Fi that delivers geographically and behaviorally targeted advertisements and video commercial breaks from local, regional, and national brands.

MobiPromo Technology

The MobiPromo solution is comprised of hardware and a 100% Cloud based software platform.  Hardware devices are 100% Plug & Play, not requiring any configuration or ongoing maintenance whatsoever. Devices automatically update themselves using proprietary technology.


Start Your Network Today

The MobiPromo system is designed as a White Label, Network-in-a-Box solution for progressive marketers and entrepreneurs who wish to establish a presence in the Mobile channel using the latest technology in a growing, untapped marketplace sector.