MobiPromo WiFi Marketing and Monetization Technology
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What is MobiPromo WiFi?

MobiPromo® is a proprietary, WiFi Marketing & Monetization system. MobiPromo sets the industry benchmarks by providing the most advanced and comprehensive range of in-session advertising of any WiFi marketing system available. Now including real-time Instant Sales Leads and in-session Splash pages.

MobiPromo Technology

The MobiPromo solution is comprised of hardware and a 100% Cloud based software platform.  Hardware devices are 100% Plug & Play, not requiring any configuration or ongoing maintenance whatsoever. Devices automatically update themselves using proprietary technology.


Start Your Network Today

MobiPromo is designed as a White Label, Network-in-a-Box solution. We have removed the capital expenditure requirement to establish and setup a Network. We now offer an All-Inclusive solution that includes unlimited advertisements, coupons, advertisers, merchants, User sessions, and device hardware.

Multiple White-Label WiFi Marketing & Monetization System Options Available


Available in 16 Languages – Airport & Spatial Awareness Security and Tracking – Data & Connection Encryption


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Create A Multi-System Network

WiFi Ads Cross Publication to other Networks

Use our Master Account technology to create a multi-dimensional Network infrastructure.
Use the cross-publication feature to display advertisements on multiple network device locations.

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