MobiPromo is the most advanced WiFi marketing and monetization system available. MobiPromo is 100% legally compliant. MobiPromo is the premier Wi-Fi proximity marketing technology. Geographic, behavioural, device specific, and competitor targeted mobile advertising.

It's The Next Advertising Boom!
Provide Free WiFi to your Customers and Local Shoppers



Merchants Create Detailed Advertisements
using a simple 1-2-3 step templated process

Merchants manage their own advertising 24/7

Advertisements contain all the relevant information including a POS scannable barcode
Shoppers have the ability to add deals to their Mobi-wallet a special account area and
redeem when convenient. Network operators acquire all consumer details and more.


MobiPromo Pop Over Advertisements

MobiPromo devices include a proprietary technology that can identify paid advertising
on the pages shoppers visit. The device also identifies the exact locations and sizes of
the advertisements and pops your ad over the top without altering the original content.
Multiple advertisements, locations and sizes can be displayed simultaneously.


Video Commercial Break Advertisements
Display your TV Ads or any other video

Pauses the WiFi session - Guaranteed view

Video advertisements can be displayed at configurable intervals during the WiFi session.
The shoppers session is paused while they watch a short commercial break and resumes
when finished playing. Unlimited video capacity with targeting and priority play system.


MobiPromo Competitor Targeting
Defeat consumers showcasing your products!

Injects your advertisement over your competitor's content.
Salvages sales you never knew you were losing!

List up to five of your top competitors. When a shopper compares or price shops
your offering, MobiPromo intercepts and displays your advertisement directly
over your competitors webpage. View reports of who comparison shopped you,
their contact information, when, location, and the competitor's product page.


MobiPromo Window-in-Window channelized video content
reduces to a brandable icon when closed that stays on phone

Multi-channel live or pre-recorded content


Coupons are delivered immediately via TCPA compliant
Text message to shopper's phone.


Over 800,000 children go missing every year from malls and public places.

Mall Managements have limited resources to assist in that vital first hour.

Child Alert provides a means to push a priority message to every connected
phone inside a Shopping Centre, Mall, Trade Show, or other venue locations.

Child Alert makes shopping and family outings safer for children and parents.


Target by

Location, category, consumer behaviours & interests, phone manufacturer, and competitors.

MobiPromo® Audience View


MobiPromo can feed consumer date into your
CRM system with opt-in and telephone verified
information about local and/or nearby shoppers

We can provide brands with the ability to compile
their own highly targeted marketing lists of consumers
who shop in and around their store locations


MobiPromo promotes social media sharing by including numerous popular social media links,
plus share with a friend by email, and text messaging included with every merchant coupon.

Also included is a RSS coupon feed system that notifies shoppers of new offers & deals
automatically within their browser window.

MobiPromo Social Media Sharing


MobiPromo engages consumers with 90% of the proven buying triggers


The Most Comprehensive WIFI Marketing Technology Available

100% Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliant


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What is MobiPromo?

MobiPromo® is a proprietary, direct-response WiFi Marketing system, that incentivizes Users to engage by providing no-cost Wi-Fi that delivers geographically and behaviorally targeted advertisements and video infomercials from local, regional, and national brands.

MobiPromo Technology

The MobiPromo solution is comprised of hardware and a 100% Cloud based software platform.  Hardware devices are 100% Plug & Play, not requiring any configuration or ongoing maintenance whatsoever. Devices automatically update themselves using proprietary technology.

Start Your Network Today

The MobiPromo system is designed as a White Label, Network-in-a-Box solution for progressive marketers and entrepreneurs who wish to establish a presence in the Mobile channel using the latest technology in a growing, untapped marketplace sector.  Start Today!